About smartBLIND

Regulating Incoming Light & Heat = Realizing Energy Savings.

smartBLIND is a readily implemented window blind system that regulates incoming light and heat to realize energy savings. Electronically sensing changes in sunlight conditions, this innovative product automatically and continuously adjusts your blinds to let in light according to your settings. Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold one, smartBLIND is the perfect ergonomic solution for the regulation of incoming light & heat, achieving significant energy savings through reduction in air conditioning and/or heating costs. Available in all window sizes and in a range of colours, smartBLIND is adaptable to every user’s needs, whether they be for home or commercial use.

Unique Technology

smartBLIND is the world’s only stand-alone automatic window blind (although it can be integrated with a remote computer). It has a sunlight-sensitive control system hidden within industry standard horizontal blinds. Consisting of a gearhead motor, a photosensor and an electronic feedback control system, smartBLIND turns any window into an intelligent lighting system, noiselessly adjusting the blind slats in tiny increments throughout the day in order to maintain desired interior lighting and regulate heat.

Payback in 2 to 5 years

smartBLIND is an economical solution to light and comfort control that will typically pay for itself in 2 to 5 years. smartblind can reduce the peak cooling load of a building to such an extent that much lower capacity HVAC systems can be utilized in building design. Testing at a Florida hospital showed a 39% reduction in air conditioning costs & a payback period of only two years. Independently published studies have also reported that there are significant benefits to using automated fenestration and daylighting control systems, including energy savings.